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Covid-19 update: We're up and running!

We are an outdoor school where you will find it easy to spread out. Gov Newsom says: " wear face coverings when we can't practice physical distancing". Good news! On the track and at our covered outdoor classroom you'll easily be able to keep distant and we will follow industry guidelines to keep you safe.

Superbike-Coach is a highly reviewed, advanced motorcycle riding school

We teach all motorcycle street and track riders of all categories, ages and levels in our popular programs on a small race track, because rider training on a parking lot isn't really efficient.

We are welcoming touring, sport and cruiser riders from all over the world and teach thousands every year. All classes are booking up quickly, but there are also 1on1 and small group options:

Cornering School Day 1-3

For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees

Cruiser Rider Class

All touring motorcycles, heavy bikes like Harley Davidson, Gold Wing, BMW

Body Position Class

For all Sportbike street riders, track riders and racers, no track fees

Riders and Passengers

A Class for all Riders and Passengers

Track Academy

For track riders and racers of mid levels and up, no extra track fees

Road Skills 1-on-1

For all street riders of all ages, levels, and categories

Wheelie Course

For all street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Knee Down Class

For all sport street and track riders, and racers of all ages

All 1-on-1 Options

Overview of all 1-on-1 options

Track Drills 1-on-1

All sport and track riders and racers of all ages and levels at your track day

Supermoto 1-on-1

For street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Basic Rider 1-on-1

For absolute beginners, to prepare for the M1 drivers license test

Sideline Coaching

For advanced track riders or racers at track day or race

Suspension Workshop & Track Time

For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees

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Peter S.5
Peter S.
Can Akkaya is the real deal! He knows how to ride, how to race and most importantly knows how to teach. Why trust my review? I have raced thousands of...Read >

Nicholas T.5
Nicholas T.
I took Superbike Coach's Cornering school day 1 and it did not disappoint. Coach Can is very passionate and brings his years of experience racing at the...Read >

Tim K.5
Tim K.
I'm a 64 year old retired accountant. We trailered our dual sports from Truckee to attend the cornering class in Stockton. Riding my daughter's Honda...Read >