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Basic Rider 1-on-1

Learning to ride a motorcycle from scratch can be difficult for some new riders, and to obtain a motorcycle drivers license can be challenging in many ways. This is why Superbike-Coach has developed the ‘Basic Rider’ course, so that we can help brand new riders learn the required skills for taking their riding test.

Sometimes, new riders are rejected or kicked out of motorcycle training programs if they are not already showing some skills. Superbike-Coach is committed to teaching you with knowledge and patience how to ride a motorcycle from scratch and get you on the right path towards your license. Superbike-Coach can dial you in for this- We teach you how to ride a motorcycle and get you on the right path to get it done. Why taking any risks to be left out of a license application school?

Coaching riders

How it works

We teach the Basic Rider course in private sessions, or to a small group of up to three riders. It is your choice whether you want to come train at our facility, or learn on your familiar home grounds (extra charge). The training usually starts out with a short introduction to the motorcycle and its controls, especially if you opt for the rental bike. Then we introduce you step-by-step to fundamental techniques, including starting, stopping, shifting, braking, slow speed maneuvers, and counter-steering to get around those corners. The course includes training in all the skills you need to sign up for your DMV riding license test. This course does not come with a certificate or permit. We do an hour only at a time, but coach has most people riding within one hour.

What it costs

For this highly individualized course, we charge by the hour. This is because we want to give you the time you need, and that time varies for different riders. Typically, for a brand new rider, this can range from 1 to 6 hours. If we come to your place, there is an additional travel charge. So, how much is it gonna cost you? The hourly charge is $75 dollars, and the travel charge is about $8/hour and 0.50 cents per mile. You’ll find this is a pretty good deal!

Rental bike available

Many beginning riders don’t own a motorcycle before they have obtained their M1 drivers license.

Renting our small pool bike is a great option, and the rental bike fee is a flat $65, no matter for how many hours you’ve booked. Also a damage insurance is included.

Admission fee $75 per hour

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  • Coaching fee $75 per hour
  • Individual scheduling
  • Affordable rental bike available
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle and prepare for an M1 drivers license test

NEED A RENTAL BIKE?! We can help you out. Rent one of our small pool bikes. The fee is $65 and includes damage protection. Just opt it in the booking process.