Riders and Passengers Body Positioning Cornering School Days Track Rookie Class Knee Down Class Overview of All 1 on 1 Race Academy Road Skills 1 on 1 Supermotard 1 on 1 Track Drill 1 on 1 Wheelie Course Suspension Workshop

Superbike-Coach is a highly reviewed, advanced motorcycle riding school

We teach all motorcycle street and track riders of all categories, ages and levels in our popular programs on a small race track, because rider training on a parking lot isn't really efficient.

We are welcoming touring, sport and cruiser riders from all over the world and teach thousands every year. All classes are booking up quickly, but there are also 1on1 and small group options:

Cornering School Day 1-3

For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees

Body Position Class

For all Sportbike street riders, track riders and racers, no track fees

Track Day

Beginner friendly, non competetive envirnoment for every rider and bike type

Riders and Passengers

A Class for all Riders and Passengers

Track Rookie Class

A class for rider who want to start out track days

Track Academy

For track riders and racers of mid levels and up, no extra track fees

Road Skills 1-on-1

For all street riders of all ages, levels, and categories

Wheelie Course

For all street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Knee Down Class

For all sport street and track riders, and racers of all ages

All 1-on-1 Options

Overview of all 1-on-1 options

Track Drills 1-on-1

All sport and track riders and racers of all ages and levels at your track day

Supermoto 1-on-1

For street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Basic Rider 1-on-1

For absolute beginners, to prepare for the M1 drivers license test

Suspension Workshop & Track Time

For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees.

We operate mainly in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, but our students come see us from all over the nation. Can Akkaya and his Superbike-Coach Corp are also on the Department of Defense list as a rider trainer for the United States Air Force. Superbike-Coach is affordable, accessible, reliable and efficient. We make better riders with better programs and with more fun. Nothing compares to Superbike-Coach, which is a revolution and redefines of what and how motorcycle rider education should be like.




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James A.5
James A.
04FEB2023 UPDATE: Since the last review, I completed the Cornering School series, dragged my knee multiple times at the Knee Down course, and even managed a...Read >

Pete R.5
Pete R.
Review is based on cornering school, day 1. Tldr; it's fun, coach is a character, you suck less at the end of the day. Coach Can is an incredibly...Read >

Francesco R.5
Francesco R.
Despite having ridden motorcycles since I was 13, I find the Coach Can's classes incredibly valuable to become a better, more self aware, and safer rider. I...Read >