Suspension Workshop and Track Time

Suspension Workshop & Track Time

If you are not a top-notch racer or a MotoGP test rider you probably don’t have the luxury of having a manufacturer develop a motorcycle only for you.  With our workshop for street bikes you will learn why it is so important to ANY rider to have a bike dialed in with regard to needs, ergonomics, and preferences- which has limits from bike to bike of course. You might think there is nothing you can do to make your bike really yours, but you’d be wrong. There is a lot you can do, even on a street bike, and for much less money than you might think. Here is just a quick overview: Little-99 Raceway Track

Depending on your purpose of riding, all of this can cause:

How it works

Headcoach Can Akkaya will lead this workshop through classroom/garage and track sessions to develop your understanding of the dynamics of riding a motorcycle. In step-by-step lectures you’ll get to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’, as well as observe and understand the symptoms while you are having some fun on our extremely technical track. If you are riding many times with a passenger, then it makes totally sense to bring one- or have us putting someone to your side. Let us know! Also, if your bike needs special tools- please bring them.

Back in the Garage

After your track session, and depending on the subject Coach is pushing, you’ll be working on your bike under our technician’s eyes, who will support you with tools, tips, tricks, suggestions, or even hands-on tweaks to make that bike really ”yours”. Don’t worry- we will be with you every step of the way, and it’s fun to work on your own bike. We believe that this builds a connection to it which can be key to improve riding harmonies, and with that a significant safety gain.

Individual suggestions from pro's

Depending on your and our observations of your bike’s performance on our track, we make suggestions in regard to adjustments, replacement with after�“market parts, and repairs if necessary. We can’t do wonders, or let you build a new chassis- so all of this in a doable and reliable way in terms of time and options. Coach will even ride your bike, if you wish, and will be able to give you even deeper and more profound suggestions about what needs to be done. Bring pen and notebook�“ his list can be long!

Admission fee $129

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  • Track fees
  • Workshop/Track sessions
  • Technician support
  • Tools, garage included
  • No bike preparation necessary
  • Available for everyone and every bike type