Policy, Waiver, Rules & Requirements

By booking any of our programs online, 
you automatically completely agree to all of our policy on this page including downloads
. Also our waivers and course rules, which must be agreed to and signed on site by each student.  Please read these, and make sure you fully understand and agree before you book a spot in our programs. Superbike-Coach Corp reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any 
 are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.

Cornering School, and all other programs at Little 99 Raceway

Even though we run this class on a race track, we do not tolerate excessive speed. You are responsible for keeping up etiquette and fairness. No passing unless Coach specifically allows it.  We don't require full racing gear, but you are responsible for your own safety.  This training is for licensed or non-licensed riders possible and requires:
  • Be on time for the class. It begins with critical lessons and briefing which is obligatory. Study this map to find the gate to the track:Ways to enter the paddock for your Superbike-Coach class
  • Proper street rider gear (1 piece or 2 piece) leather or textile gear is fine as long it has all protectors (elbow, knee) in the right places is recommended.  Also external protectors are fine (examples). A helmet, and at least ankle covering riding boots and motorcycle gloves are required. Riding Jeans are fine if they have knee protectors. Additional regulations for US-Air Force members may apply (see below).
  • No bike preparation required. Just make sure your tires and brake pads have enough life remaining and that your bike has no leaks.
  • We do not provide health or vehicle insurance. All incidences on track are your own responsibility.
  • If possible but not guaranteed, we shoot tons of pictures of your CSD class, which are free for download on our SBC gallery.
  • General policy's below apply.

Track Requirements (other than at Little 99 Raceway location)

(Track Days, Track Drill)
  1. Bring good riding skills.
  2. Have a medical insurance, because Superbike-Coach Corp does NOT provide medical insurance.
  3. Street riding gear is OK with us, but here is our definition so that you are on our page:
    • Uncrashed DOT full face helmet
    • One-piece or two-piece zip-together, in leather or textile (or equivalent). If not zip-able, then we require a back protector which also covers the lower back area, but be aware that race track marshalls could take you out (this is not on us!). Nobody else but you is responsible for the road rash you’re getting.
    • Motorcycle-specific boots (foot ankle covering) and motorcycle gloves
    • Back protector is is required when pants and jacket are not zip-able
    • Ear plugs are also recommended
    • "Sparking" knee pucks are NOT allowed
  4. Bike must pass a technical inspection. Good tires, no leaks, good brakes, proper chain slack, etc.
  5. Prepared bike:
    • Tape headlight and brake/tail light and mirrors (or remove them)
    • Safety wired or taped action camera mounts
  6. Sign waivers...both the racetrack's waiver and our company one. You will not be allowed to ride unless you agree to the terms and sign the waiver (or the minor waiver, for riders under 18). No agreement- no riding.
  7. Track Day and Track Drill services will be held in rain or shine. Gate will be open. No partial or full refunds possible.
  8. Group specific rules:
    • D group: Passing inside or outside (6 feet buffer)
    • C group : Passing inside or outside (5 feet buffer)
    • B group: Passing inside or outside (4 feet buffer)
    • B+ group: Passing inside or outside (3 feet buffer)
    • A group: No passing restrictions
  9.  Acknowledge the entire article 'How to prepare for a track day'
  10. General policy's below apply.

Wheelie Course and Knee Down age limit

The age limit for the Wheelie Course and Knee Down class is 18. Parents have to be present and to sign our minor waiver. General policy's below apply.

General Rental Bike Policy 

Our rentals include tires, gas, and transport to/from the location. If the bike breaks down with a technical failure we'll try to repair it, but we can't guarantee you'll be able to continue — we'll work this out with you fairly. As with a regular car rental contract, you'll have to pay the rental fee and provide a security deposit in cash (car rentals do this via credit card); you'll get this deposit back after the class if you haven't damaged the the bike. You have to provide this deposit whether or not you purchase the optional protection plan, which covers all damage you do beyond the security deposit — even if you total our bike.

General Rain Policy

Scheduled programs, including Cornering School, Suspension Workshop, Wheelie Course, Knee Down, Track Day, Body Positioning, Track Academy and Track Drill events/services will be held in ‘rain or shine’ (no refund or rain check possible). The track gate will be open for your use and the classroom sessions are going to be held as scheduled. It is on you to join the riding sessions or not. Coach reserves the right to decide if he will go out on the race track during rain sessions, and/or turn over to sideline coaching. No partial or full refunds/rain checks/rescheduling possible, so please don’t even ask. Definition: ‘ Rain or shine , is what all track providers and other schools are doing as well. However, we also offer to make a ‘reschedule me deal’* with us, if you have to for any reason. Please read below.

General Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

  • You cancel more than 14 days before event: Partial refund possible ($25 cancellation fee per booked spot). Rescheduling is possible without loss.
  • You cancel or want to reschedule within 14 to 7 days before the event: No refund possible, but you can make a ‘reschedule me deal’* with us (see below).
  • You cancel within 7 days before the event: No refund possible. No reschedule possible.
  • You don’t show up for any reason, it won’t lead to refund, rescheduling, etc. We’ve been looking at an empty chair while there was a waiting list, so please don’t even ask.

*Reschedule Me Deal

However, we can help you to get a credit for your class if you need to reschedule within 14 to 7 days before the event . We would do this for you, if you go ahead and sign up for two additional classes (regardless of existing bookings you may have at the time). Here is the math why we ask for 2 for 1: Giving you one new spot means- we might can’t fill the one you had, AND we give you a new one which nobody else can sign in to. Ergo- we lose two spots for giving you one. You’ll have to go ahead with the additional bookings before class date, then we’ll be moving your spot/credit to a date that works best for you. On a personal note: At this point- we strongly and confidentially believe that you will love SBC classes so much that you’d do those booking anyway! This is a fair deal. Keep in mind: If we reschedule your spot to a new date- the policy for this spot applies and does not reset this policy . That means you agree that your time window for refund/reschedule/whatsoever has been closed already for this new date. The two additional classes are not refundable as they were part of this deal. We keep track of these things.

Unauthorized, or abuse of Discount Codes

Abusing our good will to help riders will have consequences. We will reject your booking and you will not participate, but we will hold on to the transaction if you give discount codes away or received one unauthorized. We'll help you learning something.

Gift certificates

Our gift certificates are not refundable, nor transferable or redeemable for cash. Gift certificate credits are only cover up for coaching fees for classes or 1on1, but not for rental bike usage or track fees.

Members Of The US - Air Force

superbikecoach is proud trainer of the us airforce Air Force students must bring and to wear 100% Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 100% of the time while operating a motorcycle in our courses. It is mandatory that Air Force Personnel follow the requirements of the 'Air Force Traffic Safety Regulation'. The following reference applies to Air Force members:  AFI 91-207 para: 3.5.4. Personal Protective Equipment. Motorcycle, ATV and Three-Wheeled vehicle riders will wear: (T-0) Head Protection. A helmet, certified to meet current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 (DOT), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Standard 22.05, British Standard 6658, or Snell Standard M2005 or higher, shall be worn and properly fastened under the chin. For personnel riding motorcycles and ATVs outside the United States, helmets must also meet the host nation standards. Commanders may authorize use of combat helmets for operating tactical vehicles (e.g., motorcycles and ATVs) during operations and training based on a formal risk assessment IAW AFI 90-802. If time critical, a real time risk assessment will be used. (T-0) Eye Protection. Goggles, wrap around glasses, or a full-face shield designed to meet or exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z87.1, or UNECE 22.05 or BS6658 in effect when manufactured, will be properly worn. A windshield does not constitute proper eye protection. Host nation equivalent is acceptable if it meets or exceeds ANSI Standard Z87.1. (T-0) Protective Clothing. Wearing of long sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers and full-fingered gloves or mittens is required. Gloves or mittens will be made from leather or other abrasion-resistant material. Wearing of a motorcycle jacket and pants constructed of abrasion resistant materials such as leather, Kevlar(r) and/or Cordura(r) containing impact absorbing padding is strongly encouraged. Riders should select PPE that incorporates fluorescent colors and retro-reflective material. (T-0) Foot Protection. Foot protection includes sturdy over-the-ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles. (T-0) Tactical Motorcycle and ATV Rider Protection. In addition to the above listed items, government-owned motorcycles and ATV operators during off-road operations should also wear knee pads, shin guards and padded full-fingered gloves. By making an online booking, you automatically fully/completely accept and agree our policy, rules, and waivers- signed or unsigned. We don't give a refund just because you didn't read this properly. Superbike-Coach Corp reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.